Modern Love Affair – Alan McGeoch

cd-sleeveWhen one of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers gave me an FB-heads-up about his recently released CD, I was like… so, how can I get to hear this?  That developed into a few Messenger exchanges, a couple of emails, an encounter with Dropbox and in very short time I was listening to Modern Love Affair on my iTunes account.

Yes, this is the 21st century and its ubermodern way of communicating and sharing information.

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Radio Caroline – the boat that rocked is still rocking!

Back in the day – that would be the mid-sixties – when the teenage girl must-haves included a Max Factor “Strawberry Meringue” lipstick, a pair of Marks & Spencer’s “Sweet Pepper” shade of stockings and the latest copy of the Jackie, the absolute top-of-the-list from my point of view was a trannie, aka the portable means by which one could listen to the popular music of the day.

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Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes – STILL the Greatest Bar Band in the World!

Southside Johnny 8 May 2016 Hamburg Photograph by Gundula Boettger

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes earned the title of being “The Greatest Bar Band in the World”, waaaaay back in the day when they became famous for playing the legendary bar scene that speckles the Jersey Shore.

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BOSPOP 2016 WAS totally a-ma-zing!

The sun shines on the righteous, or so they say… and as BOSPOP 2016 was blessed with totally perfect weather, I’m guessing that we must have been ticking someone’s boxes since last year!

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Eddie Manion – NIGHTLIFE



Released towards the end of last year, NIGHTLIFE, lifts the lid – or in Eddie Manion’s case, his signature Fedora – on a collection of tracks that have been arranged as individually as the DNA he carries, reflecting the deep passion he not only feels about playing his saxophones but also the memories the individual pieces of music have evoked in him over the years.

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Music from the barn with Joe D’Urso – Melle 25 July 2015

Dedicated to the memory of Louis DeMartino – “Mr Lou” – († 1959 – 2015)

Mr Lou
Photograph published with kind permission from Mitchell Bilus

Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe the events of Saturday July 25th, 2015 a date that had been circled on my calendar for a good, few months on account of a musical gathering called, Musik unter 15 Eichen or in other words, “Music Under 15 Oak Trees” located in… Melle! That’s right… this magical corner of Lower Saxony that has featured in my blogs many times before for playing host to concerts from Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes or more recently,  the Billy Walton Band as well as the annual Light of Day shows that do so much to raise the awareness of Parkinson’s Disease. These events are mainly due to the fact that long-time New Jersey/Tri-state music fan, Reiner Borgmeyer is from this area of Germany and he has been paramount in making them happen, something for which we, his friends and fellow New Jersey/Tri-state music fans, will always be grateful for.


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BOSPOP 2015 – 35 years and still rockin’ – part 2!

Bospop 2015

BOSPOP 2015 – 35 years… and still rockin’!

Part 2

So how did it all begin? How do the cogs that drive the BOSPOP mechanism turn behind the scenes? Who does what? How does it all come together?

These are just some of the questions that have been rattling around inside my head ever since I first discovered the festival in 2010.

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BOSPOP 2015 – 35 years and still rockin’!

IMG_0354“.. there are a lot of festivals… and some festivals like BOSPOP, Wacken, Download, Hellfest… are amaaaazing… I mean… these are institutions and they are… they are a thrill to play, for bands like us… we meet other bands backstage that we never would otherwise… we meet other bands’ audiences and these are great opportunities to expand your fan base and to show what you are about…”

– Joey Tempest (EUROPE) speaking to Marc Tyley on Manx Radio, 06.07.15

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BOSPOP 2015 – teasers


Well, the future hasn’t been written yet but woohoo, the programme of events for BOSPOP 2015 certainly has!

Be sure to check out the full list of artists and bands on the Bospop website and I think you will see one helluva line-up for what is sure to be the hottest spot in The Netherlands on 11th and 12th July.

By way of a teaser for what might lie in store for us, Marc Tyley from Manx Radio has been chatting to some of this year’s artists ahead of the event… here are the results of the phoners he has had so far:

Cya there!

Gerry McAvoy / Band of Friends

Steve Overland / FM

Layla Zoe


EUROPE / Joey Tempest


Official Bospop logo and poster used with kind permission.

The Billy Walton Band in Melle-Buer and Lübeck DE April 2015


I would imagine that existing Billy Walton Band fans reading this are probably adopting a nodding-dog-on-back-parcel-shelf-of-car-mode as they quietly smile at my thoughts here. For sure, I had heard of the band and they were on my bucket list but I hadn’t quite gotten to see them until very recently, that is… so please forgive me if I appear to be preaching to the converted, as it were!

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