BOSPOP 2016 WAS totally a-ma-zing!

The sun shines on the righteous, or so they say… and as BOSPOP 2016 was blessed with totally perfect weather, I’m guessing that we must have been ticking someone’s boxes since last year!

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BOSPOP 2015 – 35 years and still rockin’ – part 2!

Bospop 2015

BOSPOP 2015 – 35 years… and still rockin’!

Part 2

So how did it all begin? How do the cogs that drive the BOSPOP mechanism turn behind the scenes? Who does what? How does it all come together?

These are just some of the questions that have been rattling around inside my head ever since I first discovered the festival in 2010.

Leon Deelen (more from Leon below) has kindly filled some of the gaps for me with the following historic BOSPOP facts and figures up to now: Continue reading “BOSPOP 2015 – 35 years and still rockin’ – part 2!”

BOSPOP 2015 – 35 years and still rockin’!

IMG_0354“.. there are a lot of festivals… and some festivals like BOSPOP, Wacken, Download, Hellfest… are amaaaazing… I mean… these are institutions and they are… they are a thrill to play, for bands like us… we meet other bands backstage that we never would otherwise… we meet other bands’ audiences and these are great opportunities to expand your fan base and to show what you are about…”

– Joey Tempest (EUROPE) speaking to Marc Tyley on Manx Radio, 06.07.15

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BOSPOP 2015 – teasers


Well, the future hasn’t been written yet but woohoo, the programme of events for BOSPOP 2015 certainly has!

Be sure to check out the full list of artists and bands on the Bospop website and I think you will see one helluva line-up for what is sure to be the hottest spot in The Netherlands on 11th and 12th July.

By way of a teaser for what might lie in store for us, Marc Tyley from Manx Radio has been chatting to some of this year’s artists ahead of the event… here are the results of the phoners he has had so far:

Cya there!

Gerry McAvoy / Band of Friends

Steve Overland / FM

Layla Zoe


EUROPE / Joey Tempest


Official Bospop logo and poster used with kind permission.

BOSPOP 2014 – 2 days of rock, soul, blues ‘n’ rain!

Bospop programme

Whenever someone mentions the word “festival”, several images come instantly into my mind.  For example, “music” as in: different kinds of music; “people” as in: lots of people; “volume” as in: connected with and related to aforementioned music and people; “beer” as in: countless litres of the stuff flowing freely from many designated areas; “mud” as in: the squidgy browny-black stuff that is usually the result of lots of rain falling onto a grassy area that could perhaps have been described as a field in another life.

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BOZZPOP 2013 – back home!

Dilemma: What do you do when three festivals that feature bands and musicians you really, really want to see, fall on the same weekend in three different countries?

No brainer. You pack the car and go!

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Bospop 2012 – two glorious days of mud, music and much, much more!

As Forest Gump’s mama always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get!” And I guess the same could be said about festivals… you see the line up, you pick out your favourites, you pack your wellies, plastic poncho, sun cream and shades to cover all weather extremes and off you go to hang with a considerable number of like-minded people for a full weekend of… well, let’s-wait-and-see-what-happens-sort-of-thing.

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Bospop 2011

BOSPOP 2011 – 3 Days of Bands, Beer and Brilliant Music!

Not only was Bospop 2011 the 31st occasion in the history of this music festival, but it was also the first one to run over 3 days namely, the 8th, 9th and 10th July. The actual Bospop site is situated on the edge of the picturesque Dutch town of Weert – Limburg, and with its close proximity to the borders of neighbouring countries, Germany and Belgium, the festival attracts a truly international audience for what is, in my opinion, the friendliest, best organised music festival I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

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Bospop 2010

BOSPOP FESTIVAL – Weert, The Netherlands, 10 and 11 July 2010 – 2 days of baking temperatures, fabulous music, a spectacular thunderstorm and an appearance by… Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes.

If you’ve never come across “Bospop” before, don’t worry… neither had I until I heard that Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes were scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s 30th Anniversary bash. Back in 1980, Bospop began its life as a platform for showcasing local talent. However, since then it has steadily grown in popularity becoming one of the Netherlands’ biggest outdoor happenings, forcing a move to a new, larger site this year.

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