Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes re-visited the Hyde Park club, in Osnabrück, for a never-been-done-before weekend package that meant a full-band performance on the Saturday night followed by an acoustic set from Southside Johnny and Bobby Bandiera on the Sunday night; the latter took place in the smaller, more intimate setting of the nearby Lagerhalle.

Joining the band for these shows was special guest, Soozie Tyrell, whose violin skills have earned her enviable gigs with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Without a doubt, Soozie’s presence brought a totally new dimension to the wall of sound normally associated with the Jukes and it was the most incredible experience to see her duelling with Bobby Bandiera’s nifty fret board work as well as with Joey Stann’s saxophone expertise during the course of the performance.

Apart from seeing Klaus Boettger introduce the band – way to go, Klaus – if I had to choose just one thing from this show, the absolute highlight for me was the stunning version of Souls On Fire; and to be honest, you simply had to have been there to fully appreciate the depths Soozie’s violin sounds gave this classic from the Better Days album. Coupled with the dedication to the excellent Jukes’ Tribute band, Souls On Fire, who, incidentally, had come a long, long way to get to Osnabrück, it was altogether a very magic moment in a show that was certainly technically challenged, at least to begin with.  But hey, with Joe Prinzo on board for this tour, the unforseen glitches didn’t stand a chance and so, the show rocked, just the way you’d expect it to, all night long.

Set List – one of the Jukes’ loyal fans, Jean Watts, from England, very diligently took some notes during the show and has kindly allowed me to publish them here.  I think you’ll enjoy her comments.

Jean: Saturday was Hyde Park, which is just outside the city limits and a bit like one of those big bars out on a highway in the US – you drive for miles down this road with nothing but trees and warehouses and suddenly there’s a blaze of light and a big parking lot and there’s the club – inside just a big black-painted barn, standing room only, and it was heaving… The show started off a bit messy as the sound was all wrong, but that led to Bobby and Southside harmonising spooky ooohs to test the mics, and some spectral feedback: “It’s a spiritual night, I may just levitate off the stage”…. OK, on with the setlist –

  • Love On The Wrong Side Of Town – started three times, the last time just repeated from Joey’s solo – ”You didn’t hear him? He’s got a beautiful instrument in his hands – and a saxophone”
  • Next To You
  • Talk To Me
  • I Remember Last Night – at this point it all finally came together, an the show got a terrific momentum from then on
  • Cadillac Jack
  • She’s Still In Love – specially beautiful tonight
  • I Played The Fool 
  • Coming Back
  • Soul’s On Fire – aaah..
  • Help Me – spine-shivering
  • Intro to All the Way Home, but leading to a country medley, including El Paso, during which Soozie came out and they ended up swapping verses on She Thinks I Still Care
  • Trapped Again – really striking with Soozie’s violin
  • Walk Away Renee – Joey and Soozie swapping phrases on tenor and violin
  • Sacrifice – which became “Why Is The JUKES Such A Sacrifice” and got new words about the band: ”…every so often some shit comes down.. and you find yourself in a foreign town where no-one speaks English and no-one speaks French and none of the band’s making any sense… and doesn’t Soozie have a GREAT voice – for country and soul both! “
  • It’s All Over Now – SJ swapping verses with Soozie
  • Claudine – Bobby
  • Tell Me That Your Love’s Still Strong 
  • Without Love – beautiful, with a coda incorporating lyrics from Don’t Play That Song and Gladly Go Blind
  • Fever – we had to snap our fingers for a chorus, and ”I feel like I’m back in 1958, in my beret”
  • We’re Havin’ A Party – with all 3 horns out front


  • I Don’t Want To Go Home – again, specially beautiful tonight
  • Driving Wheel – Joe Prinzo brought on stage to demonstrate how to say ”Howya doin”’ in the strongest NJ accent of the lot “‘He knows one thing in German – and that’s it!”
  • Got To Be A Better Way Home 
  • Hearts Of Stone – with violin break leading into Waltzing Matilda – maybe to honour Karen and Lens who’ve come from Australia for Glasgow thru’ Tilburg

Thanks Jean!

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