This smaller, more intimate venue was just perfect for this truly exceptional acoustic show. Vanessa may, but Soozie certainly does – rock with her violin that is!

Considering the fact that there were only three people performing on the stage, their collective, dazzling talents made it sound more like a full-blown ensemble. Suffice to say it was an incredibly mind-blowing occasion for those of us lucky enough to be there and the show included original material from Soozie and Bobby, as well as some Jukes’ songs and covers from the likes of Aretha Franklin, the Everly Brothers and Little Feat.

Some of the highlights for me were hearing Bobby singing Here Comes The Sun, Soozie performing Dark Clouds from her album, White Lines and a song Johnny sang that appeared to be called Looking In The Eyes Of Love which I didn’t recognise but it certainly had an impact on me. We also heard a wonderful rendition of Under The Sun, which was written by Bobby and Patti Scialfa, as well as Rosa and Into The Mystic.

From start to finish, this show had everything… great music, great sound, great banter, great personalities on stage and a great venue.

Once again, Jean Watts has kindly allowed me to publish her set list from this show and from where I was standing in the Lagerhalle, I think her personal comments reflect this performance perfectly.

Jean: Sunday – the acoustic show – Southside, Soozie and Bobby was really special. The Lagerhalle is a modern bar in a high-class arty area near the University – again a nice big room with a high stage and the sound was crystal. The voices blended so wonderfully, they all played some inspired stuff on the guitar, violin and harp, we got lots of repartee and stories, and everyone looked like they were really having fun… South even said, “This is fun…”

They did:

  • It Hurts To Be In Love
  • Coming Back
  • Under The Sun – lovely
  • Son Of A Preacher Man – Soozie, brilliant, with a
    violin/harp duet
  • Crying In The Rain – after some question of Bobby getting in tune; he said ”I’m in tune with the universe”
  • Looking In The Eyes Of Love
  • If I Needed Someone – BB lead
  • It’s All Over Now – rollicking
  • Dark Clouds – Soozie – my fave from her CD, hooray
  • Willin’ – !!! – South and Sooz swapping verses – wonderful
  • She Still Thinks I Care – South introduced this by telling how 25 years ago Soozie had the only country band in NYC, and he and Garry Tallent used to go to CBGBs to see the Ramones and Tuff Darts, and then go sit in with ‘Soozie and High in the Saddle’ and he’d sing George Jones songs. ‘It was a good time. You’d wake up on someone’s floor and go “Who’re you?” and they’d go “Who’re YOU?”
  • Fade Away
  • Heart of Saturday Night – story about Saturday night looking for Chinese food in a German town, you only speak English, and you’re from NJ, so it’s not good English – you go up to some guy in a Tyrolean hat with a big feather and lederhosen and he’s smoking a big curly pipe, and you ask where can you get some noodles, so he goes ”Nuedles?” That’s how it goes…!!
  • Here Comes The Sun – BB… oh, beautiful guitar
  • Trapped Again
  • Driving Wheel – gets better every time they do it
  • Claudine – BB
  • Till I Kissed You – South and Soozie duet
  • Rosa – really outstanding rendition
  • I Don’t Want To Go Home


  • She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain – riotous fiddle
  • Into The Mystic – lovely

Then brought back again, South complained the songs go too fast ‘cos there aren’t all these guys wanting solos… Meantime, Bobby presented a fan with a sugar shaker he’d picked up , clearly because he liked its spout. SJ: ”You sure it’s sugar? Unless it’s some sexual thing… ”


  • When Will I Be Loved? – more great fiddle
  • C’mon Caroline

Thanks again, Jean!

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