“Do you like bands like Matchbox Twenty, Fuel, Nickelback, Counting Crows, Tonic, Vertical Horizon, 3rd Eye Blind & LIVE?” asks the speech bubble on the front of the Music From A Jar summer schedule 2004 post-card. Well, put it this way, it’s because of Jarrett Dean’s music that I was introduced to some of the above-mentioned bands!

I first heard Jarrett perform a few years ago in a New Jersey bar with his band, Talk Town, and basically I was hooked from the first “Hey!” on Hip Tragedy – just one of many original songs penned by this incredibly talented singer/songwriter whose roots began in Indiana but who has since relocated to New Jersey.

Jarrett has launched his new moniker, Music From A Jar, simultaneously with the release of his new CD, Under Shades of Blue. The CD features twelve original songs that reflect some of the caliber that has made him one of the most popular artists on the Jersey Shore music scene today. And although the artwork may look innocent enough, that’s as far as it goes as you will discover when the first song, Get Out, explodes from your CD player and you find yourself wondering what the hell just hit you!

Without a doubt, one of the things that takes Jarrett’s songwriting to another level is his ability to consistently write catchy, melodic hooks that just stick in your mind and refuse to go away! Add to that Jarrett’s dynamic personality, the refreshing sincerity of his well crafted lyrics, plus his determination to finish what he has started in terms of becoming a globally recognized artist and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that Jarrett is, in every sense, success waiting to happen.

Under Shades of Blue is available to purchase at any of Jarrett’s shows.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Jarrett Dean/Music From A Jar is teetering on the brink of an incredible career… just watch this space!

Under Shades of Blue

  • Get Out
  • The Simple Life
  • Pretty When She Smiles
  • Angels Told
  • Hip Tragedy
  • Would U Be Happy
  • Now U Know
  • When You’ve Gone
  • Alive Again
  • Claustrophobic
  • Never
  • Lighter Now

Jarrett Dean is on Facebook and MySpace.  In addition, there is a great article about him in the Aquarian Weekly.

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