Every once in a while it happens… a “sound” leaps out at you, hooks its way into your head and refuses to go away.

Evocative melodies… a vocal delivery that gave me goosebumps… lyrics that were so well crafted my senses were reeling… those are just a few of the sentiments I experienced when I recently listened to some amazing sounds from Marie Batchelder, a very much up-and-coming artist who entered the world of professional music via a Teen Idol competition that was held last year in Warwickshire, England.

In total contrast to the not-so-original-re-mixed-re-vamped-retro-trendy-in-your-face-club-oriented sounds that have a tendency to dominate the TV music channels, Marie’s songs are like a breath of proverbial fresh air; they are quite simply 100% original material of the highest possible standard.

The first thing that struck me as I listened to an unplugged clip from Marie’s, In Our Own Time, was the beguiling piano introduction and within a nanosecond, it had succeeded in captivating my attention. On the studio version, I was moved beyond words as I listened to Marie’s well-written lyrics blending perfectly with the beautiful instrumentation and arrangement of her melodies.

For the benefit of those who have to have some sort of measuring device in place in order to identify with a particular sound or artist, I really can’t help you beyond telling you that Marie’s work is so incredibly exciting and inspiring I really believe she has managed to create her very own “identity box” as far as genre is concerned… not bad going for someone who actually began by keeping her song-writing a secret.

As for what lies ahead for Marie… I believe her unique writing and performing qualities will ensure her music will be enjoyed and appreciated by an audience above and beyond her wildest dreams.

Marie Batchelder is on Facebook.

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