Hey Maggie
    Good morning, finally made it here. I look forward to going through it later

    Let The Music Keep Our Spirits High.



  2. Hi Maggie, nice to meet you yesterday at Bospop, while watching Southside Johnny, and being interviewed by you.
    What an amazing performance, it was my first time seeing him play !!!!!
    What a power coming fom the stage, and lovely watching you filled with sparkles in your eyes . .
    Nice to read your blog, I know a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, named Tessa, she met him several times and is the biggest Bruce fan ever !!!!!!!!!!!!
    big hugg from Mir x

  3. Hi Maggie…
    still in the radio business, and I still play the songs of Bill and Martin, now on artistRadio. We are music to your ears …

  4. Dear Maggie, I kept reading through your blog stories. I like your style. Since I am gonna release my new album next month I was wondering if there was a way to get in touch with you and send you my fact sheet and the music? I write and perform jazz pop music. It´s my passion, and as for the album I have put it together all by myself – of course with my musicians and producer, I wanted to say that it´s a high-quality but still DIY-project.
    In any case, keep up your great work, and I´d love to hear back from you! I have left my email so feel free to drop me a line 🙂
    All the best for you!

  5. Hello Maggie. I found your blog after googling bospop. Trying to find some info on the programm for 2015. What a nice review you wrote! I was the guy who was desperately trying to grt your fly catcher of the asbury dukes in the press / guest tent….
    I hope i see you next year again in good health. I heard that Vollbeat is coming next year btw…
    Best regars mark jacobs.

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